What genre is Racing?

The racing genre in video games covers games that focus on car racing. The genre includes various subgenres, from realistic racing simulators to more arcade and enclave representations of motorsports.

The main features of the racing genre include:

Competitive Element: The main emphasis in racing is on the competitive aspects. Players compete for championship on the track with the goal of completing it faster than their competitors.

Variety of Cars and Tracks: Racing can offer a variety of cars, ranging from regular cars to specialized racing vehicles, as well as a variety of tracks and locations.

Racing Modes: Racing often includes various modes such as career mode, single player racing, multiplayer modes and others.

Realistic or Arcade: Racing can either be more realistic, with physics and car behavior patterns that match reality, or more arcade-like, with a simplified approach to controls and physics.

Car Tuning and Customization: Some races provide players with the ability to tune and customize their cars to improve performance.

Examples of racing games include titles such as Need for Speed (various parts), Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport, Mario Kart, F1 (Formula 1), and many others. The racing genre provides a variety of opportunities for players to enjoy speed, competition, and car culture.