What genre is Shooter?

The shooter genre of video games describes games that focus on shooting and the use of firearms. Shooters may have different subgenres and styles, but their common feature is an emphasis on shooting and controlling the character's firepower.

The main features of the shooter genre include:

Shooting: The main element of gameplay is the use of firearms to defeat enemies.

First or third person: Shooters can be either a first-person view (FPS - First-Person Shooter), where the player sees the game world through the eyes of his character, or a third-person view (TPS - Third-Person Shooter), where the player sees his character from the outside.

Multiplayer: Many shooters offer multiplayer modes where players can fight each other or in team battles.

Scenario and Missions: Shooters can offer a variety of scenarios and missions, including linear campaigns and open worlds with missions.

Tactical Elements: Some shooters include tactical elements such as cover, battle plans, and strategic thinking.

Examples of shooters include titles such as "Call of Duty", "Counter-Strike", "Overwatch", "Destiny", "DOOM", "Battlefield", and many others. The shooter genre is widespread and popular in the video game industry, offering players intense and fast-paced gameplay.