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Dead by Daylight: Dungeons & Dragons brings the realm of fantasy horror into The Fog with new Killer, Vecna and new Survivors Aestri Yazar and Baermar Uraz (one character with 2 playable options). A new Map, Forgotten Ruins, is available for all players. Purchasing this add-on unlocks 3 exclusive Cosmetics: Aestri’s Gilded Elven Bodice, Baermar’s Gilded Brocard Shirt, and Vecna’s Blade of Mayhem.


The Whispered One. Lord of the Rotted Tower. The Master of Secrets. Few dare speak his true name, for fear that he may hear—or worse. A master of magic and calculated conqueror, the archlich Vecna is relentless in his pursuit for dominance.

The Lich can cycle through and cast four unique Spells

Mage Hand: Conjure a magical hand to lift a downed Pallet or briefly block an upright Pallet.

Flight of the Damned: Send a row of 5 flying spectral entities that can pass through obstacles and injure Survivors.

Dispelling Sphere: Cast an invisible moving sphere that reveals Survivors and temporarily disables their Magic Items.

Fly: Briefly fly forward to quickly traverse a long distance, bypassing Pallets and Vaults.

Special Item - Magic Items: Vecna spawns several Treasure Chests across the Map, containing Magic Items – Boots and Gauntlets – that Survivors can use. Each Magic Item is connected to a specific Spell, activating whenever The Lich casts it. Survivors can equip one pair of Boots and one pair of Gauntlets at a time.

Special Items - Hand and Eye of Vecna: There is a slight chance Survivors can find the Hand or Eye of Vecna in a Treasure Chest. When picked up, fully healed Survivors can use a Special Ability at the cost of 1 Health State.

Hand of Vecna: When doing a Fast Locker Entry, the Survivor is teleported to a further locker.

Eye of Vecna: When doing a Fast Locker Exit, the Survivor cannot be seen by The Lich and gains Haste for the duration of the effect.

The Lich comes with 3 new perks.

Weave Attunement

When a Survivor’s Item becomes depleted for the first time, it drops to the ground. Any Survivor within range of these Items will have their Auras to the Killer. When a Survivor picks up an Item, they become Oblivious for a brief duration.

Languid Touch

When a Survivor scares a Crow inside your Terror Radius, they become Exhausted for a brief duration.

Dark Arrogance

You are Blinded and Stunned for longer, but you gain faster Vault Speed.


There’s more than music coursing through the veins of Aestri Yazar and her fellow bard Baermar Uraz. Adventurers without fear, their entanglements with evil have been immortalized in ballads across taverns far and wide. Even when all hope seems lost, they’ll never fail to inspire.

Aestri Yazar comes with 3 new perks.

Mirrored Illusion

When you finish repairing a Generator, press the Ability button while near a Chest, Generator, Totem, or Exit Gate. A static illusion of yourself will appear for a brief duration.

Bardic Inspiration

Press the Ability Button while near other Survivors to begin a brief performance, during which you’ll roll a d20 dice. On a 1, you scream. From 2-10, Skill Checks grant +1% repair progress. From 11-19, Skill Checks grant +2% repair progress. On a 20, Skill Checks give +3% repair progress. The effect ends if a Skill Check is missed, the ability is cancelled, or the performance completes.

Still Sight

After standing still for a brief duration, you will see the Auras of all Generators, Totems, and Chests in your vicinity.


Pulled from the memories of alchemists, warriors, storytellers, and criminals, the Forgotten Ruins is an amalgamation of hidden knowledge and dark secrets.
*This map is free for all players.


The Dungeons & Dragons Chapter includes an exclusive item for The Lich, only available as part of the DLC. Please note that this item cannot be purchased separately.


The Dungeons & Dragons Chapter includes an exclusive item for Aestri and Baermar, only available as part of the DLC. Please note that this item cannot be purchased separately.

In dark places such as this, one must keep themselves entertained.

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