What is the Adventure game genre?

The adventure game genre covers games that focus on investigation, puzzle solving, world exploration, and storytelling. These types of games often focus on an emotional story, and players are given the freedom to make decisions that influence the development of the story.

The main features of the adventure game genre include:

Puzzles: Players are faced with various puzzles and challenges that require thinking and logical solutions.

Story and Narrative: The adventure genre is generally known for its rich plot, interesting characters, and attention to detail in the story.

Exploration: Players can explore virtual worlds, discovering new places, collecting items, and investigating mysteries.

Choices and Consequences: Many adventure games give players the opportunity to make decisions that affect the course of the story and determine different endings.

No Combat Emphasis: Unlike many other genres, adventure games are often distinguished by the fact that they do not focus on combat or combat, but instead place an emphasis on puzzle solving and exploration.

Examples of adventure games include titles such as Monkey Island, Broken Sword, The Walking Dead (from Telltale Games), Life is Strange, and Firewatch. These games offer varied and often unique takes on the adventure genre.