What is the strategy game genre?

The strategy gaming genre covers games where players are required to make complex strategic decisions in order to achieve ultimate goals. The genre includes various subgenres and game styles, but generally requires the player to be able to plan, make decisions, and manage resources.

Here are some of the main strategy subgenres:

Real-time strategy (RTS): In these games, the action takes place in real time, and the player controls an army or an entire civilization, building bases, collecting resources, researching technology, and waging war against opponents.

Turn-Based Strategy (TBS): In these games, moves are made one at a time and players make their decisions at their own pace. This may include tactical turn-based strategies or grand strategy games.

Economic Strategies: These games focus on managing the economy. Players engage in construction, trading, farming and other aspects of the economy to achieve their goals.

Real-Time Strategy with Turn-Based Time (RTT) Strategy Elements: This is a hybrid approach where players make strategic decisions in real time, but can also enter turn-based action mode for more granular control.

Grand Strategies: These games cover broader aspects of running a civilization or nation, including politics, diplomacy, science, and culture.

Examples of strategy games include titles such as StarCraft, Civilization, Total War, Age of Empires, and Stellaris. The strategy genre provides players with the opportunity to use their intelligence and planning skills to achieve success in the game.