What is the Simulation game genre?

The simulation genre in games refers to those that seek to recreate real-life processes, situations or activities, providing the player with a life-like experience. Simulations can deal with various aspects of life and activity, ranging from agriculture and construction to driving or even simple everyday tasks.

Here are some examples of simulators and the areas they can cover:

Farming Simulator: Games in which players can manage a farm, grow plants, raise livestock, purchase equipment, and manage all aspects of the farming business.

Construction Simulator: In such games, the player can manage a construction site, build and improve buildings, plan city infrastructure, and so on.

Car Racing Simulator: Games that are close to real driving on tracks, simulating various aspects of motorsports.

Flight Simulator: Games that allow players to take on the role of a pilot, fly planes and experience aspects of aviation.

Life Simulator: In this genre of games, the player can control a virtual character, make decisions in his daily life, develop a career, communicate with other characters, etc.

The simulation genre can be very diverse and cover many aspects of the real world, creating unique virtual experiences for players.